In preparation.


Silent pyro effects during Ceremonial lightning of the Christmass tree - Lovosice

Red bridal burning hearth with firework

Confetti firework using coloured smoke.

Wedding firework at the Charle's bridge on the Vltava in Prague.

SDH celebrations Polepy.

Elementary school anniversary Polepy.

Private party Ústí nad Labem.

Witches burning Velemín.

Rock night concert - visual projection, laser, synthetic smoke with apple essence

Vernissage exhibition of fashion collection of Tereza Havránková - special effects

Celebration fireworks for Finaso, s.r.o.

Gala ball Lovosice - smoke with apple essence


New Year's Eve fireworks - Nové Kopisty

Ceremonial lightning of the Christmass tree - Lovosice

Anniversary of the company Karned Tools, s.r.o.

Burning witches - Velemín

Birthday celebration - Chotiměř

Anniversary of the company Johnson Controls int. s.r.o.

Children's Day - day's firework from confetti


Graduation ball - Litoměřice

Urban festivities town Světec u Teplic

Wedding - Velemín

Company anniversary Terri, s.r.o. - Teplice


Graduation ball business schools - Rumburk

Graduation - Prague

Anniversary of the company Travel agency Star line, s.r.o. - Svor

End of the season SK Velemín


Birthday celebration - Přestanov

Birthday party - Ústí nad Labem - Božtěšice

Graduation ball (indoor fireworks and fountains)

Graduation ball schools TRIVIS Ústí nad Labem (confetti and interior fountains)

Police training Teplice (smoke and spec. effects)

Children's camp HAUL Letohrad (special effects and final fireworks)

Since JANUARY 2012