As it is written in the introduction, our company is engaged in fireworks comprehensively, thus starting the first meeting with the client, launch site selection, obtaining all necessary permits, the actual firing fireworks and ending with a complete cleaning up the place the tee.

Small, medium, but also the most truly spectacular fireworks organize tailor-made according to customer requirements.

We provide both traditional fireworks night, but also daily fireworks and other special effects for example burning logos and lettering. Furthermore, thanks to modern technology which our company has, we can offer our clients even favorite pyro-musical show, which is fireworks fires in sync with the music through the computer with an accuracy of a thousandth of a second. On such show already involved except pyrotechnist also our musicians and specialists to design pyro-musical show.

Finally, we also sell the so-called. "Fireworks to launch their own", they are assembled fireworks that you put together and you can be your own fireworks explode themselves, without the presence of our specialists. To ensure such "fireworks to launch its own" please visit our e-shop or directly contact the department store.